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ScaleWire's TrustRun™

Scalable, Online and Local, Secure Enterprise Backup

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TrustRun™ offers one of the most comprehensive data protection platforms available for online backup and disaster recovery services -- in both physical and virtual environments.

TrustRun's enterprise-grade online platform is designed and priced for any size business. Using TrustRun™, even technically unsavvy businesses can efficiently backup desktops any servers -- including applications like SQL and Exchange -- and securely replicate data to ScaleWire's Secure Cloud Storage for additional protection.
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TrustRun™ offers a comprehensive and affordable Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) platform for businesses of any size.



Complete Backup And Instant Restore

Backup of live systems, applications, configurations and their settings with instant bare-metal and virtual restore capabilities

Near Continuous Data Protection

Minimize data loss and backup window with near continuous backup

Multiple Virtual Platform Support

Supports all virtual platform including Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox, VMware vSphere and Xen Server

Application Aware Disaster Recovery

In-depth integration with business-critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange, MS SQL, SharePoint, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more

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High Performance Backup

TrustRun™ offers a cross-platform and high performance backup solution that protects your system, data, files and applications in both physical and virtual environments – all managed through a single pane of glass.

Single solution for all types of backups
TrustRun™ can be your single solution for all your backup needs – may it be backing up Disk Images, your Virtual Machines, Databases, Applications or files. There are no additional plugins or add-ons to install. It all just works out of the box.

Bare Metal Backup and Restore (BMR) with P2V
TrustRun™’s BMR capabilities provide you the complete solution to efficiently do point in time restore of the entire machine. TrustRun™ supports image backup of specific volumes or entire disk. The backup image (VHD) can also be instantaneously booted up as a Hyper-V virtual machine. TrustRun™ also supports conversion of the backup image into a VMware Virtual image (VMDK).

Backs up changed blocks alone
TrustRun’s technology makes sure that only changed blocks of the modified files are backed up during incremental backups.

Continue where it left off
Within a file backup, TrustRun™’s keeps track at the block level of data that has been already uploaded. In case of an interruption in the connectivity to the backup server, TrustRun™ automatically resumes its backup exactly from where it left off once the connectivity to the backup server is established.

Efficient file tracking
TrustRun™ uses Windows Directory Monitoring Service to keep track of the files that have been newly added or modified since the last backup. During the next incremental backup, it just reads these files and not the entire disk to identify what has to be backed up.

Backup open files
TrustRun™ uses Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to create a snapshot of files before backing up. TrustRun™ can therefore even backup files that are open by other applications. Also using the VSS service, TrustRun™ ensures that the files are in consistent state during backup.

On-the-fly compression and encryption
TrustRun™’s file backup doesn’t copy the files to another location before backing up. TrustRun™ reads the files, identifies the changes blocks, compresses and encrypts the data on the fly making it very efficient.

No limit on the size of the file it can backup
Since TrustRun™ reads the file and backs up directly to the backup server without first dumping it to another location, there is absolutely no restriction on the size of the file that it can backup,even when compression and encryption are enabled.

Automated multiple backup scheduling
TrustRun™ supports weekly, daily, hourly and continuous automatic scheduling of backups. The backup jobs can be configured to run one after the other or multiple jobs can be scheduled to run at the same time.

Backup Seeding for large backup sets
When backup set is large and network bandwidth is limited, it could take days for the initial backup to complete. In such cases, backups can be run to a locally attached disk, the disk can then be shipped to the site where the backup server is located and the data can be imported from the disk into the backup server.

Synthetic Full Backups
Over a period of time, the amount of content that has changed in a file since its initial full backup could grow, making the incremental backups larger and larger. TrustRun™ can automatically limit the size of incremental by running a synthetic full backup of the file based on a user set limit. Thereafter, the incremental of the file will be only the changed data with respect to the last synthetic full and not with respect to the initial full backup of the file.

Flexible backup retention policies
TrustRun™ retention policies for the backup data can be configured based on the number of versions and based on the age of the version files. Separate retention policies can be set for delete files and folders.

Backup network and NAS drives
TrustRun™ can backup files from any external drives – mapped network drives, NAS drives etc. As long as the user is able to access the files from any of these sources, TrustRun™ will also be able to back them up.

Backup Virtual Machines
TrustRun™ can be installed in virtual machines running any of the supported OSes (Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, FreeBSD) to back up the data from the virtual machines. TrustRun™ can also backup the entire virtual machine in VMware, Hyper-V and Xen* systems.

Integrity Check
TrustRun’s data integrity check makes sure that the data is stored exactly as it left the source machine that is backed up. If the integrity check fails due to data corruption during the transfer of data, TrustRun™ makes sure the data is retransmitted.
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Easy and Instant Restores

Instant restore by booting up as a virtual machine (P2V)
TrustRun™ Disk image backups are in VHD format by default and therefore can be quickly booted up as a virtual machine in a Hyper-V server. The VHD based backups can also be converted into VMware file format (VMDK) and booted up as virtual machines in VMware ESX servers. This helps MSPs to provide an efficient Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity service to their customers.

Secure Restores
Data arrives at the agent machine (machine to which data has to be restored) in encrypted format keeping it secure during transit from the remote backup server. Restore jobs have to be first authenticated at the backup server and the encryption password has to be provided before the restore can initiate.

Restore on agent machine, backup server or replication server
Restore jobs can be initiated from the agent machine, backup server or from the replication server (server to which backup server is replicated). This provides the ability for MSPs to restore data at the server which they manage and ship the disk with the restored data to their customer.

Exporting backup data
Backup data can be exported to an external disk, keeping the data in encrypted and compressed format. The disk can then be shipped to the customer site where data is imported and restored into the machine that is to be recovered.

Restoring versions from different backup timestamps
Sometimes it may be required that some of the files have to be restored from previous versions while the latest version has to be restored for rest of the files. TrustRun™’s restore lets you do that.

Resume from where it left off
Restore jobs initiated to an offsite backup server could sometimes take a longer time to complete depending upon the available network bandwidth and data size. TrustRun™ can resume restore from exactly where if left off in case the restore job gets interrupted due to, say network failure.

Restoring to an alternate machine
TrustRun™ client can restore its data to a different machine running another instance of TrustRun™ client. This is helpful when the machine that is being restored doesn’t have enough disk space yet for the restored data.
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On-Premise TrustRun™ Server with Remote Replication to ScaleWire's Secure Cloud
A very common deployment scenario for small to mid-sized organizations. We install a TrustRun™ backup server in each of your sites; we then configure all the machines in that location to send their backup data to this on-site TrustRun™ server. These backup servers securely replicate your data to a common offsite TrustRun™ in our secure cloud. This makes backup and restore of local files faster, while ensuring that your data is also safely protected offsite. Additionally, our offsite TrustRun™ server can act as a fall back server for restores if the On-Premise server is not available.

Backing up directly to Offsite Backup Server
When you only need to protect a few machines, it is likely easier and more cost-effective to back them up directly to the TrustRun™ backup server in our secure cloud. You pay only for the amount of storage used!
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Easy-to-use Centralized Management

Central Management Console
TrustRun™ provides a centralized console to manage backups, restores, replication jobs, license allocation, storage management, security policies, etc.

Email based notifications
TrustRun™ can send email alerts on backup and restore job status. Both the TrustRun™ agent (running in the machine that is being backed up) and the backup/replication server can send email alerts. Email alerts can be configured for failed, partially completed, missed and successful backup, restore and replication jobs.

Web based User Interface
TrustRun™ provides web based user console which is convenient for logging into the application remotely - either into the client machine or the TrustRun™ backup and replication servers. TrustRun™ also comes with Adobe Flex based rich client interface as an alternative option.

Managing Backup Jobs from the Backup Server
Backup jobs can be added, edited and deleted centrally from the local or remote backup server, without having to log into each of the client machines. Properties like Bandwidth Throttling, Backup Window Settings, etc. on the client machines can also be managed from the backup server.

Automatic Software Update
TrustRun™ can automatically push software updates to the various client machines running TrustRun™ agent software.

Managing multiple backups servers from a single remote console
TrustRun™ can replicate all the data from many backup servers to a single replication server (or cluster), which can be located in your datacenter, or ours. From this replication server, the backups servers can be centrally managed for licensing, storage allocation, health monitoring, etc.

Integration with Third Party Management Solutions
TrustRun™ integrates tightly with management solutions like ConnectWise, Kaseya, and AutoTask for internal chargeback, invoicing, event notifications, provisioning and monitoring.
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Application Aware Disaster Recovery

TrustRun™ supports backing up data from several applications like Exchange, MS SQL, SharePoint Servers, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases and cPanel Server. On top of this, TrustRun™ also support user plugins where scripts could be written to first extract the data from the applications to be backed up and then automatically backing up that data.

Exchange Server Backup
TrustRun™ supports backing up all versions of Exchange server – Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000. TrustRun™ efficiently backs up Exchange server using Exchange Server APIs without impacting the live server. TrustRun™ supports backup of storage groups in entirety, as well as individual databases within the storage groups. Backing up databases individually provides greater storage management flexibility. For example, critical databases might be backed up more frequently.

TrustRun™ can run differential and incremental log backup of Exchange Server. TrustRun™ also supports Synthetic Full Backup where complete full [backup] dump of the selected databases and all necessary log files is done but only the changed data with respect to the previous full backup /synthetic full backup is uploaded to the backup server. This is useful to keep the number incremental log files under limit and yet not having to run full backups frequently.

Exchange Mailbox Backup and Mail Level Restore
TrustRun™ can back up users' mailboxes from an Exchange Sever. It can backup at a folder level. You can backup all the data of a particular user (mailbox) or you can backup just a folder (like for example the inbox of an user) or you could backup a sub-folder (like for example, a sub-folder in the inbox).

TrustRun™ can also restore individual emails into the Exchange server.

SQL Server Backup
TrustRun™ supports backup of Microsoft SQL servers. TrustRun™ uses VDI API to backup database(s). TrustRun™ supports Full, Differential and Transaction Log backups. Full backup backs up the entire database. Differential backup backs up only modified extents since the previous full backup. And Transaction log backup backs up the active portion and truncates the inactive portion of the transaction log.

cPanel Server Backup and granular domain level restore
TrustRun™ installed in a cPanel Server can backup the websites (domains) on a shared web hosting managed by cPanel control panel. TrustRun™ backs up the entire home directory, MySQL databases, Email Forwarder settings, Email Filter settings and offers a fine granular restore of the cPanel accounts. You can also recover all the accounts in a single click in case of server crash or recover specific accounts.

SharePoint Server Backup
TrustRun™ supports site-collection level backup of SharePoint versions SPS2003/WSS2.0, MOSS2007/WSS3.0 and MS SharePoint 2010. TrustRun™ uses SharePoint server APIs to backup SharePoint site-collections. TrustRun™ uploads just the changed data during the incremental backups.

Oracle backup
TrustRun™ support hot backups of databases in Oracle 9i, Oracle 10G and Oracle 11G. TrustRun™ uses Oracle’s RMAN utility to backup making sure the data is consistent and efficiently backed up.

MySQL backup
TrustRun™ supports backup of MySQL databases. TrustRun™ supports Full and Incremental MySQL database backups while data is online and accessible and yet the data backed up is always consistent. Full backup type backs up the entire MySQL database. Incremental backup type backs up only modified extents since the previous Full backup.

PostgreSQL Backup
TrustRun™ supports backup of PostgreSQL databases using the internal PostgreSQLDump utility (pg_dump) available in the local machine. TrustRun™ supports Full and Incremental PosgreSQL database backups while data is online and accessible.
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Complete Protection for Your Virtual Environment

TrustRun™ can backup entire virtual machine centrally without having to install the agent in each of the virtual machines. TrustRun™ currently supports backing up of VMware and Hyper-V VMs. Backing up Xen, KVM virtual machines and Virtuozzo Containers is currently in development and will be available soon.

Backing up VMware ESX Servers
TrustRun™ uses VMware’s APIs to backup virtual machines (VMs) running on ESX and ESXi Servers. A single installation of TrustRun™ client can backup VMs running on multiple ESX/ESXi servers. TrustRun™ client can also connect to vCenter Server to backup all the VMs that the vCenter server manages. TrustRun™ can directly backup the VMs from the source to the backup server without having to first dump the data locally in a temporary storage in TrustRun™ client machine. TrustRun™ supports incremental backup of VMware VMs.

ESX 3.0, ESX 3.5, ESXi 3.5, ESX 4.x and ESXi 4.x and VMware Server 2.0 Virtual Machines are supported. Support for ESXi 5 is forthcoming.

Backing up Hyper-V Servers
TrustRun™ installed in the Hyper-V Host Server can backup the VMs running on it. TrustRun™ uses Microsoft VSS to make sure the VMs are in a consistent state before backing up. TrustRun™ backs up only the changed data in the VMs during incremental backup. TrustRun™ can backup the data directly to the remote backup server without requiring a temporary storage space in the Hyper-V server that is backed up.

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